Challenges to nightlife helped unite UK music industry, says expert

Challenges to the nighttime economy caused ‘months of pain’ but brought the wider UK music industry together, a nightlife expert has said.

Sacha Lord from the Warehouse Project and the Parklife Festival in Manchester made the comments as part of a panel at The Great Escape conference exploring drugs, clubs and music.

He said that even clubs and venues who were ‘fierce rivals’ came together to support Fabric when it had its licence revoked in September 2016.

The club eventually re-opened with stricter licensing conditions following a lengthy review.

Sacha said: ‘It could have set precedents if the verdict had gone the wrong way. But it was that show of strength that helped bring a wider focus on the situation and ensure that politicians like Sadiq Khan noticed and raised eyebrows when they discovered what was going on.’

Andy Blackett from Fabric was also speaking on the panel. He agreed, saying: ‘The group effort from the nightlife community meant that we all stood united.’

He continued: ‘After the Fabric case, one club was raided following an incident but instead of the council acting as judge, jury and executioner, this was put before the mayor’s office. So there is now a buffer. We have the night czar Amy Lame and Philip Coleman, the chairman of the night time commission, acting on our behalf.

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