What Happened at ATL ????

View of ATL Airport photo credit-@ezveedub Instagram

On Sunday, December 17th an electrical fire occurred in a Georgia Power underground electrical facility servicing one of the worlds busiest airport, Hartsfield Atlanta (ATL). The back-up generators failed to provide power to the emergency lighting and electric EXIT signs leaving over 30,000 people plunged into darkness and confusion. According to Mayor Kasim Reed, the electrical fire’s intensity damaged two substations serving the airport, including the airport “redundant system” that should have provided backup power, Reed said.

View of ATL Airport photo credit-@ezveedub Instagram

Situations, like this and the power failure at the Superdome during Superbowl XLVII show us that anything with batteries or electric can fail. The adage known as Murphys Law is true; Anything than can go wrong will go wrong….

Preventing power failures is almost impossible but planning for them is not. Although backup generators are the primary line of defense in mitigating the risk of power failures, they shouldn't be relied on as the last line of defense. Various studies have shown that back-up generators fail to provide the necessary electric to emergency lighting about 35% of the time.

To learn more about why back-up generators fail, read the following article about the Top 50 Reasons Back-Up Generators Fail.

The top five reasons back-up generators fail are:

  • Preventative Maintenance Poor or Non-Existent
  • Batteries Low or Dead
  • Load Bank Test Not Done (some recommend 2 times a year)
  • Remote Monitoring Non-Existent
  • Routine Inspection/Check Not Done Regularly

However, the most significant concern is NOT when the back-up generator fails but rather when it can not provide power because the electric feed from the generator is damaged. When this happens you are not able to complete the circuit to the emergency lighting and EXIT signs. This is EXACTLY what happened at the Hartsfield Jackson ATL airport this weekend when the fire burned through the electric cables that provides the electric from the back-up generator.

Having a non-electric photoluminescent emergency lighting system and EXIT signs can make a significant improvement in helping you find your way out of the dark in the event of a power failure or fire that obstructs overhead lighting.

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