IDEX — New upcoming ethereum trading platform


Aurora is a collection of Ethereum applications as well as protocols that together make decentralization banking as well as fiscal platforms. Inspired past gratis banking, Aurora provides customers amongst advanced services, open, as well as stable is available to anyone inward the Earth regardless of geographic place or Aurora’s ain stable, boreal currency shape condition is supported past a combination of cryptocurrency reserves as well as debts, as well as is available to customers through loans based on your digital economic system reputation.
Traders inward IDEX, smart centralized network contract exchange, tin dismiss have reward of boreal every bit payment for trading costs or every bit a stable base of operations currency.

Early Bank Implementation

Included inward the Aurora MVP client is the initial iteration of Capital Decentralization. you lot tin dismiss deposit ether as well as inward render have boreals at a charge per unit of 1 USD per boreal, summation applicable fees. These boreals serve around goals early: pay a fee at IDEX amongst a 5% discount, every bit a stable value for trading
volatile assets of Ethereal, or every bit a shop of value as well as hedge against a decrease inward the toll of cryptocurrency. you lot every bit well tin dismiss redeem boreals for ether straight from the Decentralized Capital interface.

AURA Token Details

Supply: 1,000,000,000

50% will be used to help accelerate adoption of the Aurora network. Of the total amount of AURA tokens, 40% will be used to help subsidize the growth of Aurora by distributing AURA to users and community members through programs such as market maker rewards, marketing campaigns, and air drops. The remaining 10% will be given out proportionally to individuals who purchase IDEX memberships.
The remaining 50% of AURA will be used as follows:

 20% founding team

 10% future employee token pool

 10% future use

 5% initial investors

 5% businesses expenses

IDEX Specs

IDEX provides real-time in addition to high-throughput trading feel along alongside blockchain based execution in addition to settlement, y’all tin transact continuously without waiting for mine transaction, its contents several orders at once, in addition to right away cancel the society in addition to without gas cost. IDEX consists of a centralized trading automobile in addition to a decentralized Ethereum smart contract. That the trading engine hosts the remainder of the chain in addition to the orderbook, the corresponding trade, in addition to manages the queue The transaction is pending, piece the Ethereum smart contract keeps all its assets in addition to manages the execution of the merchandise in addition to completion. By separating merchandise matches from unblocked settlements IDEX combines speed in addition to centralized user feel alongside decentralized safety in addition to decentralized audit capabilities exchange.
The get-go iteration of the semi-decentralized IDE; the trading interface is operate locally past the stop user, temporarily Aurora Labs manages the servers responsible for matching in addition to completing the trade. The electric stream architecture is captured inwards the next graph:

  1. Builders and takers deposit their tokens into IDEX contracts.
  2. The IDEX database is updated to include customer addresses and token balances.
  3. The author creates and submits a signed order that includes relevant trade data.
  4. IDEX confirms that your account has sufficient funds and the signed transaction is appropriate what is delivered to IDEX
  5. If all checks in part 4 pass, order is added to orderbook.
  6. You ship the appropriate order, sign the transaction with the same price as the target order and amount less than or equal to it.
  7. IDEX confirms that your account has sufficient funds and the signed transaction is appropriate what is delivered to IDEX
  8. If all checks in Section 7 are passed, trades are marked as match and updated orderbook.
  9. The IDEX database is updated to reflect new balances, and both traders can continue to create new ones trading based on this update. Simultaneously, the signed command is added to the queue to be broadcast to etereum network for processing
  10. After all trading depends mined, transactions are sent to blockchain.
  11. The transaction is mined and the contract balance renewed to reflect the trade.
  12. After the transaction is mined, the maker and the taker may withdraw their funds


Alex Wearn — CEO ( 
Alex is an expert at leading teams in the design and delivery of software products. He has managed a wide range of operations, marketing, and sales analytics products for Amazon, Adobe, and IBM, and most recently led a product management team in re-platforming their application to operate on a private Ethereum blockchain (project still in stealth mode). Alex is a graduate of the Kellogg MMM program, a dual MBA in Finance and Operations and MS in Design and Innovation.

Phil Wearn — COO ( 
Phil is a Co-founder of EtherEx and has been building blockchain based companies since the time when Ethereum was little more than a white paper. While developing EtherEx he identified the pressing need for a high performance decentralized exchange protocol, an insight which served as the basis for IDEX. Phil has a background in aerospace engineering.

Raymond Pulver — CTO ( 
Ray is an avid mathematician, cryptographer, and software developer with over a decade’s worth of development experience. An expert in multiple languages, Ray has been designing secure systems on Ethereum since its inception. His preliminary designs led to the IDEX transaction arbiter and trading engine enabling high transaction throughput and true market orders, features which were previously unavailable on Ethereum exchanges.

Brian Fernalld — Full Stack Developer ( 
Brian is a full stack developer with over 10 years experience in startups. In addition to engineering, Brian has worked for many years in the fields of blockchain technology, product management, marketing, and design. Brian uses his passion for fintech and blockchain technology to build the best user experiences possible.

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