REALISTO — Real Estate Assets

Tokenized real estate assets REALISTO destroy financial and regulatory barriers in real estate markets! Get access to an exceptional ROI created from the knowledge of market experts, and provided with “clever” contracts for a distributed database of Ethereum crypto currency.

Full control over your investments

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None of the asset-backed ICOs offers a similar level of transparency and security for your investments, both legally and financially. REALISTO offers maximum transparency through independent audit of smart contracts. Your investments are secured under German law, and this applies to all tokens and all transactions necessary to acquire assets. Thanks to our Data Room, investors can review bank protocols and real contracts at any time.
Technical security REALISTO rests on dedicated servers,
located in Germany, where the standards of legal certainty
are among the highest in the world.

Realisto tokens

Tokens with asset support managed through the REALISTO application make even the smallest ETH and BTC investments possible — at any time and from anywhere in the world. Without red tape, local taxes and excessive regulation. And most importantly: the absence of hidden costs, “eating up” your investments.

While other ICOs need to create completely new companies, REALISTO parent companies have been successfully operating in the Berlin real estate market since 2011. REALISTO is looking for high-yield real estate in Berlin, and
then allows users to vote with their tokens for what kind of property will be acquired. After this, REALISTO manages, develops, converts or sells assets in accordance with the plan outlined in the project description. Income from one lease only ensures that the REALISTO (REA) token will increase in price.

Security Considerations


  • Real-world security pertaining to assets (real estate properties and projects)
  • Fiduciary security of capital flows
  • Tech security

Creating the main REALISTO pool through ICO.

REALISTO offers its own methodology for high-yield investment,
using many years of experience and an extensive local network of banks, institutions, managers of assets, as well as officials.
In 2017, the estimated sales of real estate in Berlin amounted to
about 25 billion US dollars. However, the most profitable investment
opportunities are not available to outsiders and small investors, namely for
sector of crisis real estate, which promises huge profits
smart approach. (All REALISTO acquisitions are valued by state
certified independent appraisers in Germany). City of Berlin in
Nowadays it is one of the most attractive European capitals.
As the population is constantly growing, the real estate market is under
constant pressure, which leads to a steady increase in prices.

Real invulnerability for political, legal and economic barriers: REALISTO investment in real estate for all. Easy-to-use mobile and REALISTO web applications provide access to real estate investment profits, which have until now been reserved for local insiders and huge financial conglomerates. REALISTO finds non-market opportunities with a higher
profitability — and any investor anywhere in the world can participate in them in any amount. REALISTO means security, organization and high profitability.

Tokens company “Realisto” is really unique. They will be controlled by using a special app, which will soon be released. Tokens (REA) is a kind of acquired assets from the invested real estate. You will be able to invest in bitcoin or BTC ETH c any point of the globe. I think this is really a unique technology, which gives us blokchaine. It really is very simple, as you save a lot of your time. No hidden costs, local taxes and loads of other red tape.

Information about ICO of the company

You can now buy tokens with a 30% discount for 0.70$!

Start ICO = 25/11/2017
The end of ICO = 25/12/2017

1 week ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.85$
2 week ICO the price of one token (REA) = 0.90$
3 week the ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.95$
4 week ICO the price of one token (REA) = 1.00$

ICO 25.11–25.12
Price of ICO 1 REA = 1 $


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