MOBU Obtains Licensed Operational Stock Exchange!!!

Nov 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Over the past few years we have all seen the hype around ICO`s and the technology opportunities surrounding blockchain. Change indeed happens faster than a duck on a june bug. We all have seen the dotcom era, social media era, last year the utility token era but we all know the next big thing will be security tokens.

Competition in this space generates ingenuity and creativity. With the valuable contributions by leading investors and technical developers together with legal consultation MOBU is proud to announce and share some exciting changes that will be in the best interest of investors, the future development of MOBU and the adoption of STO`s:

Security Token Offering (STO) instead of ICO

MOBU will launch a STO (security token offering) instead of an ICO adhering to all the regulatory exemptions and additional KYC/AML requirements. This change benefits each and every MOBU token holder — they will be legally entitled to company dividends and rights to ownership

MOBU Obtains Equity Stake in Stock exchange

MOBU has been given an opportunity to buy a 15% equity stake in an operational stock exchange. MOBU will be the sole broker for all security tokens. A 15% equity is the maximum amount of equity that any entity may obtain in terms of current regulations. The stock exchange is based in South Africa and the licence allows for both local and global listings with a T+0 settlement lowering credit risk.

There is no sponsor firm required for listings and the costs will be half of listing on the JSE. The name of the exchange will be made available to any serious investor. Other shareholders of the exchange include Investec, Peresec and Lagae securities which are all very prominent listed companies. The current CEO of the exchange expects a turnover of 500m ZAR for 2019 alone without considering any security tokens.

Fundraising and Listing Time Frames

The STO will be postponed. The fundraising will start on 1 February 2019 and end at the end of April 2019. The tokens will be listed immediately hereafter. LAtoken has already confirmed that they will be willing to list tokens for the secondary market.

MOBU Tokenomics

The MOBU token will power both ecosystems — the STO issuance protocol and the security token exchange!

All participants will still need to stake MOBU tokens to receive the right to operate in the MOBU ecosystem and thereby creating scarcity of the token. Additionally, any STO using the MOB20 protocol will receive discount listing fees on the exchange and also any trader paying in MOBU tokens will receive discount on trading fees.

MOBU will declare a dividend annually and buy MOBU tokens to burn them and furthermore lower the supply that allows for the appreciation of the tokens.

Efficiency and Benefits

Security tokens are simply more efficient and beneficial than conventional shares — just imagine if Apple can give you discount on your next iPhone if you own 20 of their shares for a year?

MOBU Initiatives

MOBU considers doing a STO in the oil & gas space by acquiring a few fuel stations which MOBU will own. Clients who purchase fuel by paying in MOBU tokens will receive discount to ensure adoption as well.

We trust the MOBU community is just as excited about the new changes as we as management team is. MOBU will restore creditability to blockchain!

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MOBU is a decentralised platform and end-to-end solution for ICOs to launch compliant security tokens on the blockchain.

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