Ok, I admit it. I am not the most talented crafty person. But this year, I just had to try a painted pumpkin project a la Pinterest (I had to put another ‘P’ in there, you see).

I dusted off my arts and crafts box, which has been stored away in the garage since we moved in, it hasn’t been touched since I went a bit mad in Hobbycraft one Bank Holiday weekend when I was bored.

What better way to introduce my first DIY! I used two ‘stand-out’ Moroccan colours, Blue and White. Here is how I made these Moroccan tiles (zillij) style painted pumpkins.


  • Pumpkins — Bought mine for 50p from Morissons — bargain!
  • Acrylic paints — Cobalt Blue, Titanium White, Antique Gold
  • Paintbrushes
  • Decoupage paper — I bought from The Range for £1.99 but you can also get it from HobbyCraft
  • PVA glue — my local store run out of Decoupage glue, so I stole my toddler’s PVA from Sainsburys
  • Tile pattern — free use version from Google

Step One — Wash pumpkins and allow them to dry before painting them.

Step two — Once dry, for pumpkin 1, cut the decoupage paper into strips and stick with PVA or Decoupage glue

Step three — for pumpkin 2, cut a Moroccan tile pattern onto thin cardboard. If you have skills you can stencil this straight onto the pumpkin, but mine was too small and fiddly. So I used decoupage paper, stuck it on and after it dried I painted it white!

Step four — paint the top of the pumpkin gold!

Step five — step back and admire. Remember it’s the ‘taking part’ that counts!