So many Chinese classmates in the UK?

Access to the world is the study abroad initiative of many students today and of many higher learning institutions around the world.However, I think this is quite a recent trend in education exchanges between the East and the West.

Prior to the time, most foreign students studying in the UK. Nowadays,we are witnessing something quite spectacular, in terms of the number of Asian students studying in countries where English is the first language, namely Britain, Canada and the US, Australia and New Zealand. Predominantly, these students are coming from china and India, two of the worls most up and coming ecomomics.

It is also predicted that will be more overseas postgraduate rather than undergraduate students studying in English speaking countries as many international applicants already have a first degree from their own country. This is highly profitable for those countries giving students visa to international students.Whether this will be beneficial for those students coming fro abroad and the development of their homelands is yet to be seen.

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