November, 2016. Los Angeles.

MO Studio, a boutique innovation and strategy consulting firm that aspired to connect the multi-disciplinary creative talent in Los Angeles to solve big hairy problems using Human-Centered Design, was newly created and our founder Jeff had just experienced the VA’s healthcare system for the first time. The actual care he received was exceptional, however, the overall experience and barriers to gaining access to care fell far short of his expectations. He wondered how the same VA system that has trained world class caregivers for decades could be the same system that required him to fly from…

How to design for humans in the age of robots.

In 2018, it is impossible to go through a news cycle without hearing about AI, AR, VR, and the threat (or promise) of technology replacing human jobs, decisions, and routines. While much of the world’s top talent and investment is being poured into computational advancement, there still remains a gaping need to design better products, services, experiences, and structures that address the most basic needs of the average person on good ol’ planet earth. …

MObile Innovation Lab— We want to be out in the world, to change the world

When we first set out to create our Magnum Opus, flexibility was a word that came up early and often in our discussions.

We want what most people want from their professional lives, what Daniel Pink describes in his book Drive as Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose, and we want it delivered through a flexible platform.

One summer morning earlier this year, one of our partners found an interesting competition Inc. Magazine (Inc.) and Mercedes Benz (MB) were hosting titled “The Right Van for the Job. Win a new Mercedes-Benz Cargo Van at the 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference.”

The premise for…

Soup to nuts, turning MO Studio’s first project into an unforgettable experience

Student debt has ballooned into a ~$1.3 trillion (that’s trillion with a ‘t’) crisis yet higher education leaders rarely engage their students for feedback and adjust their product — education — or their technologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of their students.

Evolving higher education industry mindsets, skillsets and approaches to be more student centric will be critical for institutions to innovate, stay relevant and deliver value to students.

MO Studio set out on a journey in the fall of 2016 to help their client, the CIO of USC’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, challenge his current assumptions…

MO Studio

We design human-centered products, services, experiences and strategies, with a focus on innovations that make life better.

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