4 Principles of Upper Body Workout For Women

While there are many women who are getting into the gym, very few of them are engaging in upper body workouts for women. In fact a majority of them do not pick anything that is heavier than a dumbbell. This is due to the fact that they think that when they lift weights, they will develop muscles. The weight that many of them are lifting is not enough to give them that good training effect. In case you happen to be a woman who thinks that lifting weights will cause you to bulk up, it is important to ignore this myth.

Effects of weight training on women

If you would like to strength train and get the desired aesthetic effect, there is need to train heavy. Now that you already understand that lifting those dumbbells will not help you to get the lean, sexy and fit body, let us look at what you will need to do inside the gym.

The proper intensity of strength training

It is difficult to get the right training effect if there is no intensity. You may be wondering whether there is a right intensity. The truth of the matter is that there is none as each person’s body is different. However, if you can only manage to do 6 reps, then you should start working towards increasing this number to eight or at least seven. If you are doing 8 reps and you know that you can manage to do 12, then you are not training in the right intensity.

Proper split

Any gym trainee should be using 2 training splits; one consisting of the upper & lower split and another for the total body workout. The upper/lower body split involves training the entire upper body on one day and training the lower body on another body. These 2 training splits are the 2 that will be needed by the typical gym trainee. These splits will make it possible for you to train muscles and in the right frequency. This is on top of the fact that there will be a need to stimulate a lot of muscle mass to enable your metabolism to be elevated for a longer period of time.

Strength training in the right way

You will need to use your time in the right manner. After working out using deadlifts or squats, you will feel totally exhausted and needing rest. During the total body workout or even the lower/upper splits, you can group or pair exercises in the right manner.