Result Oriented Gym Workout Schedule For Beginners

Are you looking forward to improve on strength as well as the weight-lifting program and you are not aware of where you should begin. Here are some basic rules, guidelines as well as some gym workout schedules for beginners that are easy to follow. With strength training, it is possible to get some remarkable results if you are the kind who has tried without success to overhaul your fitness with cardio and diet. With consistent training especially for not more than twice in a week for a period of 12 weeks, it is possible to get certain benefits such as:

  • Increased size of muscle fibers
  • Improved muscle contractile strength
  • Increased strength for the tendons

All these factors will have to add to a healthier and fitter body that will not get injured easily. This will also ensure that you do not get injured easily. With strength training, you can get some remarkable results especially if you have been trying without success to overhaul your fitness with only diet and cardio.

Etiquette for lifting

  • As a rule. It would be important to carry a towel with you to wipe off the benches, machines and equipments that you will be using
  • Retrack weight and replace them with barbells, dumbbells
  • Avoid resting for some extended periods on a machine if someone is waiting for it. Instead you should work with those persons between sets. When asked in a polite way, most people will not mind sharing
  • Do not carry your cellphone with you to the gym as it can be quite distracting Mistakes to avoid

Avoid using a lot of weight when you are starting. You should begin lower than expected and ensure that you work your way up. When you find that your form is suffering and are swinging to the weight/using momentum, this is an indication that you could be using a lot of weight. When there is greater momentum, this can increase the injury potential and minimize the effectiveness of the group of muscles that are being targeted.

It is always a good idea to play it safe. However, when you find that you are able to perform 20 reps in a particular weight, you will need to increase it. However, you should avoid increasing the weight to more than five percent for each time. There isn’t much that you can gain by moving through the repetitions in a too fast way.

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