This is something I wrote in January 2010, the week before I joined a writing group...

For some time I’ve been considering joining a writing group, as many writer friends have told me that they are an invaluable resource to the writer, regardless of whether you’re just starting to put pen to paper or if you’re JK Rowling.

From my own research, here are some ways in which writing groups are useful:

Something I wrote on 7 October 2011…

The Apple King died.
He affected all our lives.
End of an era.

Yesterday’s new that Steve Jobs has died did not hit me with great surprise or emotion. After all, he was very ill for nearly a decade, visibly so for the last 5-7 years. The outpouring of conspicuous grief on all social networks has been overwhelming.

Now I’ve had time to reflect, I can see how and why people have behaved this way. He pioneered the personal computing industry, fell foul of a boardroom coup, watching his brainchild fall into the…

I sit down to write...
but first do some online tasks.
It’s nearly bedtime!?

Cory Doctorow — the author, blogger, podcaster, activist, copyfighter, and wearer of probably many other hats — is one of my favourite people. He not only churns out an impressive quality and quantity of work, fiction and non-fiction, but he seems to be a genuinely nice guy that I can relate to on multiple levels. He’s a contemporary polymath or Renaissance Man.

As someone who constantly struggles with finding — no, making — the time to write, I just read with interest an article he wrote in 2009 for Locus Magazine. …

Matt Bruce

Writer and blogger

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