Provost Marshal General Solarium: Providing a New Opportunity for Dialogue

The Provost Marshal General (PMG) will host the 2015 PMG Solarium (31 Aug — 2 Sep) in Washington, DC. The purpose is to facilitate dialogue among the selected officers, warrant officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) from the Military Police Corps Regiment. The PMG Solarium represents an unprecedented developmental opportunity for the participants, and affords the PMG a forum to engage leaders directly while communicating the Regiment’s priorities. This is the first event in the campaign plan to develop the Military Police Force 2025 Strategic Plan (STRATPLAN).

Thoughts captured on a garage white board by members of the 716th MP BN during the first MP specific solarium.

In 2014, the Army Chief of Staff (CSA) initiated a Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) hosted Solarium to inform and shape the future direction of Army, based on input from senior captains across the Army. The concept for this program drew from President Eisenhower’s 1953 Project Solarium, a national-level exercise in strategy and foreign policy design. That effort produced a U.S. national security document that laid the foundation for a Cold War policy that lasted for decades.

With the success that the CSA Solarium garnered, there have been several Military Police (MP) specific solariums executed at the battalion and brigade level. These gatherings addressed current issues that face Military Police on installations and at the institutional level, with leaders coming together to discuss these concerns and ultimately develop proposed solutions. The senior leadership and participants alike expressed positive feedback about the opportunities to have philosophical conversations about these issues and to be able to dialogue about the solutions in a non-attributional environment.

1LT Michael Graham listens to a group member articulate a point during the 16th MP BDE Solarium #16MPSOL

With the PMG Solarium, these discussions are elevated to the Regimental level, discussing how the MP Corps fits within the context of the larger Army. The PMG Solarium will look at three particular issues:

- Our assessment — Where are we?

- Our vision — Where do we want to go?

- Our strategy — How do we get there?

At the conclusion of the Solarium, the PMG challenges the participants to produce one deliverable: a draft vision statement that will guide the development for the MP Force 2025 Strategic Plan. The Solarium provides the opportunity for the senior leadership of the Regiment to hear directly from the field.

Does the current vision statement of the 2020 STRATPLAN still hold weight for the MP Corps? Do these words clearly articulate where we, as a Regiment, want to go? How does the MP Corps need to adapt to meet the changing needs of the Army?

A premier integrated Military Police force recognized as policing, investigations, and corrections professionals who enable the Army’s decisive action in unified land operations in concert with our partners to achieve tactical, operational, and strategic outcomes in unstable and complex worldwide environments.

The first week of September, 28 officers and NCOs will draw upon their diverse experience within the MP Corps to tackle this challenge.

the Provost Marshal General listens to ideas taking shape at the 705th MP BN Solarium #705MPSOL

Military Police Project Junto (MPPJ) will be hosting the social media coverage of the PMG Solarium, so stay tuned for Twitter and Facebook updates (#PMGSOL) about the discussions. These important issues are not just limited to Solarium participants, but need the perspectives of our MPs in the field as well.

Beyond the Solarium, the Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG) will host other opportunities to share thoughts and ideas as the STRATPLAN develops over the next year. The mission for the OPMG Plans & Policy Branch is to facilitate the STRATPLAN development, staffing, and publication with maximum participation and investment from MP leaders on all levels, ultimately producing a coherent and consistent document of the Regiment and for the Regiment.

To see the full text of the STRATPLAN documents (Requires CAC; select e-mail Certificate):


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Megan Spangler is a U.S. Army Military Police Officer currently serving as the Deputy Branch Chief of the Policy and Plans Branch, Office of the Provost Marshal General. Her service includes deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan; she has also served assignments in various types of Military Police formations. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Government, the DoD, The U.S. Army, or the Military Police Regiment.

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