It has been 13 years of having each foot in a different boat and I’m now finally jumping into one and steering it with all my might towards a goal that I know I will not be able to fully grasp during my lifetime.

The human body, one of God’s most mysterious creation holds more secrets and powers than we can imagine. LITERALLY.

For the past 13 years i’ve been involved in the health & fitness space and at the same time in Marketing/Branding/Digital Marketing.

The truth is that in the health and fitness world I have never really zoomed in on a specific problem. It took 13 years to discover it and I believe that is my life’s calling to solve it or try to do so to the best of my abilities. It is quite simple: How can on reconnect their mind and body to a point where he can feel what the body is telling them, how to interpret pain and actually deal with it, how to treat, fuel, rest, stress and nurture his body so that it, the body, can support, fuel and empower the mind, soul and essence of that person.

This is a tremendously vast subject and a really hard task as I aim to find the simplest solution to this problem in the form of a simple practice perhaps that most people, regardless of their background and physical abilities can apply.

I need your help and that is the point behind the post. If there is any technique or practice that is worth looking into, learning and testing I’m up for it. This year I’ve got 4 courses and 1 workshop lined up on 2 continents.

Thank you in advance.


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