Pacing change & radical choices

Growth is not an afternoon’s discussion topic. I have heard many dreamers and entrepreneurs saying things like “ this will get us the first million within a month” or other similar nonsense. However, the reality is very different.

Most of those thinking in such radical terms, often make radical changes in their business, life, goals and so on. There are times when radical choices must be made, but if done in business, then most likely such radical choices are made to save the business, not grow.

Radicality does not build success, consistency, attention to detail, dedication, a great team and a refined product do.

Most effective changes in business are made at a pace that keeps all team players on board and operating at a steady pace to adopt and capitalize the needed shift.

Pacing change is key. Radicalism is for the movies. In real life it is usually needed to save a business, not develop one.

Marian Podoleanu