Small Changes, Large Impact

With Capitalism the world of business changed for most of us into a short term race to compete for growth, stability and market share.

The paradox is obvious as each of these 3 are long term gains in truth, and short term wins are good but not “it”. For instance a short term revenue gain can impact negatively the long term sustainable growth plan for the respective business. An aggressive promotion for example, a strategic brand association, or a bank loan.

Most short term plans that are aggressive in nature have a note of radicalism in their fabric justified by the goal to make significant progress within a small period of time. Such initiatives are easily justifiable eslecially when the painted picture is dire.

The small change I would propose is that any short term initiative must be in line with the long term plans of the business. There are many factors that can help progress from output optimization, time keeping, rorganizing responsibilities, alternative options and so on. The radical approach is not needed.

At times a small change, can make a large impact. These changes can only be found with a clear mind and in the midst of a group of people that share the same goal. That is in my opinion the mantra of great leadership is alligning all team members around a common goal and keeping a clear head so not to fall into the short term solo wins trap whilst the people of the team are simply watching or even worse they r sucked in the middle of it all.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Take care,