Smarter Lighting with IoT a Snap Review

I’m an ‘expert’ on Xberts — An online ecosystem that connects smart technology innovators with distribution partners, product reviewers, industry experts and solution providers. I recently reviewed Sengled‘s Snap wireless HD camera with an energy-efficient LED light bulb for outdoor monitoring.

I felt the front door to be the best first place to install a smart light with a camera. Especially with all the excitement around, I was curious how often I would think to check the front door with Snap and or adjust settings. It happened to also be in optimal proximity to the wifi router, something I was asked to check by support when I first had troubles not seeing any video in the camera.

I found a site to test other than the FCC Speed Test application for iOS and Android device recommended since it has the added benefit of archiving your results on your device. I may get that the next time I test. Per instructions I ran a speed test from the location of my Snap with these results…

Considering the following recommendations I felt the connection to the device wasn’t going to be an issue.

  • Netflix: 5.0 Mbps for HD
  • Amazon Prime Instant video: 3.5 Mbps for HD
  • HBO Now: 3 Mbps for HD

I had to get around a manual work around to updating to the latest app that wasn’t in the app store but the instructions were timely and straightforward.

Since there are limited functions the menus and interface is reasonably intuitive and easy. It was unclear at first what the initial ‘Camera’ page meant when you saw an image. I thought it was the current view but you have to click on the image to see what the camera is seeing in real-time. I have not upgraded to stored video yet.

Because the light is suspended also had to turn off motion detection as it was always going off. It might work once I shorten the distance from the roof since the light is kind of low compared to the prior light and much brighter when on full power. Not all lights have night vision but Snap does which makes it useful even when the light isn’t on.

I really like being able to set the time when the light can be scheduled to go on an off say after dusk.

All in all I think the Snap from Sengled is a quality product that works and is easy to install.

More detail and specs of Sengled’s Snap on Xberts

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