I Killed Abe Vigoda.

I killed Abe Vigoda.

Or so says Facebook.

On January 14th of this year, after the world lost some beloved celebrities, I wrote a quick post:

“It’s been a rough few weeks. Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman. But in case you were wondering, the national treasure ABE VIGODA STILL LIVES.”

It was well-received at the time, I guess,

But today, well, yeah. He’s dead too.

Vigoda, who had acted in The Godfather, Barney Miller, and even Look Who’s Talking, was a legend. Known not just for his career on stage and screen, but the amount of times he had been mistakenly reported as having passed.

in 1982, People Magazine published an article about the “late” Abe Vigoda. It happened again in 1987 on New Jersey television. So started the long-running gag of Abe Vigoda’s false death.

Today, a message from my friend Smo simply read “NOT ABE TOO.” with a link to the same site I referenced in my original post. There, looking me right in the face, was a picture of Vigoda, with X’ed out eyes.

Another message from another friend popped up:

You’ve killed an American Hero,” it read.

A quick check of my Facebook page and- yep. a virtual ton of replies to the post:

Another Google Chat ping from Smo: “I mean you were more like ‘have hope the world is still good’ and now we have nothing.” YES I WAS LIKE THAT, SMO, BUT YOU’RE RIGHT, WE HAVE NOTHING AND NOW EVERYONE SAYS IT’S MY FAULT.

Abe Vigoda actually died today in hospice. Peacefully, I hope. He laughed in the face of death for a solid 34 years, a feat I wish more of us could do. Rest in Peace, Abe. I promise I won’t say anything about Wilford Brimley.

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