the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.

synonyms: construction, form, formation, shape, composition, anatomy, makeup, constitution; organization, system, arrangement, design, framework, configuration

“The base of support (BOS) refers to the area beneath an object or person that includes every point of contact that the object or person makes with the supporting surface.”

This is nothing special, merely semantics, but the point is — for the majority of our waking life, our feet will be the base of support for our structure. How well would one move through life if that is compromised?

Photo 1: 17 year old female athlete

Photo 2: 85 year old woman

Two different worlds, but both need a reliable base of support. The consequences are similar (injury, ability, etc.), but the reality is much more apparent in those who are further along in their lifetime.

Notice how the shifting of weight changes the body’s structural relationships. What could be the implications of something like this? Enough time or stress and then what?

Through an intelligent practice, we should bring to light unconscious habits which could potentially be contributing to lost potential. Understanding how to perform an exercise for a prescribed amount of sets and reps is not a good fix. Awareness of how one is moving through their life is a way these things can truly be addressed. Add a dash of stress to ordinary movements and a great observer will have all the assessment information they need. Communicating in a meaningful way, then creating tasks that approach the issue in a fun and engaging manner — this is where education becomes an art form. A cookie cutter, automated program doesn’t scratch the surface and often times creates greater disconnects in one’s physicality.