D.C. Murder Mystery: New Information Leads To More Questions

Maybe time will prove me wrong, but I think you’re making a lot of leaps in this conspiracy you’re trying to spin. It sounds like the Riches were introduced to this private investigator Wheeler in a grief-stricken moment, maybe didn’t realize he had been a Fox News contributor since 2002 or his tendency to say bat shit things on the air. The simpler explanation is they simply did their research into the man, and came to believe he wasn’t working in their son’s best interests. You don’t have to be a life-long Democratic to not want your son to be the subject of some nonsense conspiracy.

Please don’t mistake this for Hillary fandom. I’m as mad at the DNC for how they behaved in the primary, and later bungled the election as anyone else whose ever been called a Bernie Bro. It’s just the Right has been thirsty to prove the Clintons are murder kingpins for as long as I’ve been alive. I think they’re probably pretty shitty people, but this is a stretch. If you want me to take any of this seriously, you’ll need to do better than citations from the right wing bubble and tangential “evidence” from Wikileaks.

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