TED video released, public for the first time: https://youtu.be/twTpuIF9Fhc

On the day I was released from prison in California, after 665 days of incarceration, a host of emotions raced through my mind: on the one hand I should have been happy to be finally free; on the other hand I kept asking myself: ‘why did it take so long?’

Previously I sent out the note below along with a one-minute TED video teaser. Since then I have spoken at the Renaissance Weekend, completed my fourth LA Marathon promoting the cause, taken part in the Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice…

This is the story of my wrongful imprisonment, the very first attempt to talk about it publicly at TED.

In 2014 I spoke at TED Week at UCLA Anderson to raise questions about the issues of injustice that directly or indirectly affect every American. I am now sharing my story with you and am asking you to share it with others to raise awareness and spark change:

TED video Teaser on YouTube (~1min): http://youtu.be/mesfsYc-zVY

At 6:30am on the morning of January 7, 2010 I was living what seemed like the American Dream. I was fast asleep in my bed in…

M. Reza Banki

PhD, Ex-McKinsey, MBA, advocate for criminal justice reform

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