The Youth Combine Tour Launches in Phoenix

This past weekend The Youth Combine launched in Phoenix Arizona. This is an event that is powered by Sport Testing, and presented by AYF (American Youth Football) and DSG, or Dynasty Sports Group. The event was put in place to give children an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge of the game that they love. Featured at the event is more than just a youth combine, there are speed clinics, parent symposiums, as well as showcases for new state of the art equipment, and opportunities for the kids to learn from Ex-NFL players.

The main purpose of this event was not a combine or competition of any sorts, but rather a place where kids and parents can learn about growing up in athletics. The age range was for players ages 8 to 14. Some of the information provided helped kids learn about proper technique, as well as navigating high school sports, and potentially even college sports down the line. Much of the emphasis was to not just give them lessons that would help them become better football players, but rather to give them tools to be better people moving forward.

This is the first event on the multi-city tour, and it was a resounding success. The feedback from the kids, parents, and coaches was tremendously positive. Through coordinating and organizing this event I was able to learn a tremendous amount about grass root marketing, social media promotion, website design, Sponsorship security, and overall event management. In addition just about the struggles and hurdles that one may encounter when trying to coordinate an event, and a series.

Upcoming on the tour will be Orlando on the 25th of this month, with the following event being in LA on April 8th.

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