What is New Media?

Oxford dictionary defines new media as, “Means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.” However, new media is more than an arbitrary definition, it is revolutionary. New media takes on a plethora of forms such as the cell phone in your pocket, a laptop, a CD, and much more.

As listed above, all of those objects share something in common. They are “a container that isolates and shapes for a particular purpose.” Otherwise known as the medium. Further, these objects are shaping the digital revolution. Today anyone can get their ideas published and seen by millions of people through a myriad of ways from YouTube, a blog, or as I am doing, Medium. In the past, the only way to get ideas published was through traditionally printing ideas on dead trees. But now, new media has challenged the way things have always been.

Media is the study of containers and how they shape content. It shapes our understanding. Speech is a container of thought, for example. Our behavior changes with the container. For instance, I am using Tumblr as the medium to post about new media, which I would not do for my Facebook page.

Each day new media shapes our lives and is constantly changing. Today Facebook remains as a widely popular and successful platform but in a year from now, a new container might take its’ place.New media has evolved through the decades from once a traditional novel to a mini computer that fits in your pocket. I am looking forward to seeing what new advances are made in the years to come.