A dream as old as myself

Lost in thoughts and stars, evaluating the odds of “me” as I know my History would have to convince these guys; among the best intellectuals of our time that I deserve.

That I deserve a place at Stanford University. One of the best university in the world. One of the places where you would find the best engineers on this planet. One of the rare places where people with wild dreams meet and find make a path through the impossible and defy conventional wisdom to bring to life in our world magnificent progress in science and her sisters. And to my eyes and heart, the best thing that could happen to my education life. Yes I know my parents brought more than enough as far as education is concerned but from that sprang this desire, this desire to know more about the world around me.I remember the first time I heard of Stanford University I was 11 then, I didn’t care about college then all wanted was to read as much as books as I can and know every single animal there is (I remember those nights when after a visit to my grandfather in the village my mother would catch me with all sorts of insects in my room trying to understand such beautiful little monsters came to be). It was in this spy movie CHUCK but to me it became more than a cool movie, it was a window to this new and intriguing world that is Stanford. Soon after I joined high school it became passion. Apart from my usual escapades to the library I started to learn everything about this place on the west cost where many of the innovation that power our world sprang and soon I learned how they cherish diversity my heartache intensified. I always knew that I was different and the world made feel it(in not always good manners). We don’t have a very strong reading Culture in my country so many of my friends didn’t get it when I brought scientific facts in one of these heated debates(we had pretty good ones at Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis) and sometimes it made them angry. I too got pretty angry when some loud mouthed lunatic continually ignores simple tangible fact and everyone around seems to agree just because the guy has bigger words(sorry I get angry even when I think about). And that is one of the problems that our society has: most of the times the truth you tell is not checked by verified evidence but by how much of a social status society attributes to you. I guess that reinforced my position to try and get into Stanford because at least there fact tends to check and I had taken as mission long ago to leave footprints in this world and not just be a fading passenger. Then came the struggle of trying to balance out my other en-devours that I thought made me unique with getting the best score in class. I hated most the classes, and most the teachers (with exceptions)could not even answer my questions, they had been designed only to show the way with exercises in our school books. But I can’t blame them the education system in which they came to be trained in derived from the colonial times; designed to help the “MUZUNGU” man rule us better and I doubt it included trying to visualize the “ wave particle duality “(one of my fantastic escapade to the quantum world). With such a great scientific equipment scarcity around me and in my genocide ravaged country I started to doubt I could ever impact the lives of my countrymen with nowhere to start from. But then the magic happened the internet and mobile phones brought a new vibe that reached even in Africa and the leaders of our country had understood it well that they sought to make us a knowledge based economy (after all we have no other large resource other than our people). When the wave caught up with me I could not feel my legs; this was is finally I had somewhere to start and virtually no startup requirement like many young people of my generation we embraced it and more than ever I was convinced the Bay was the place for me to be. And it was with science and technology that I was going to change the world.

Suddenly I had a plan what remained and still remains is whether I am unique enough to be admitted among the top. Will Stanford take a chance with this young boy with dreams from the star and the life mission to leave a better world than he, to let his countrymen know that they have the right to dream and the right to dream big? How much is enough for anyone to see their dream come true?