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As a sensible man, I do not condone the harassment of anyone, women in this particular case. I also, feel that once a woman expresses disinterest, that should be where it ends. That being said, I’m sorry you feel this way. I apologize for the behaviour of the men that lead you to this conclusion. I say this as a man who has, politely approached women who were also, not open to the interaction. Women who had similar responses, though nothing quite like “hoss, who you is?! And why you important?”, and once this disinterest was conveyed, I simply said a pleasant “goodbye”.

So, my question to you, or any woman for that matter that feels this way; is it that you want men(or women, if thats your preference) who for whatever reason find you attractive/interesting, to No Longer engage you, at all?

..and if yes, and society becomes a silent game of longing looks,where no one ever spoke to someone they didnt know(or was introduced to by someone they did know) would you then in turn, be willing to go and engage someone, you found attractive/interesting, knowing full well that you got your wish and there was no more “cat-calling” and decent, polite approaching(bcuz the two are not the same)?

…and if yes, how would your behaviour be any different from what you are expressing your disgust in now?

I await your response.

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