Being without internet

For 3 days now we have not had internet at our apartment here in Mexico City. 3 days. I’ve spent a lot of time on Starbucks, and I also stayed extra long hours at the office today. And I finally asked the staff at our favourite place to eat, if they had wifi. (which they had — maybe I should’ve asked a bit earlier having been here for more than 3 months by now).

The offline-life has opened a new world to me. I’ve started listening to podcasts. Went to Starbucks and downloaded a bunch of them — to the extent where my phone is now completely loaded with all kinds of weird podcasts. I’m currently listening to ‘Serial’. Yeah, I know; I’ve never really been a first mover. And am definitely not on this occasion either. But it is really, really good. And the entire experience of just delving into a parallel world of voices and a story has got me captured. I kind of sense that it is not gonna end good, but the story is so well created and told, that I am eating each episode, faster than I normally do chocolate.

I’ll admit one thing though. I tend to fall asleep. Not because it’s boring. But because I am lying in my bed, lights off and with these nice voices telling stories, and I dose off. So I’ve started over on a couple of episodes, but I don’t mind. They are also good the second time around.

Why don’t we have internet at the apartment? I believe, it has got to do with paying. We pay manually every month, and since we really don’t know, if we are going to extend the stay at this place (my roomie says absolutely not, he’s cold all the time), then it wouldn’t make sense to pay for an extra month of internet, if we are only staying for another 5 days. He’s Swedish, and I’m Danish, but it feels as if there is a little bit of Scotsman in us both …

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