What would happen, if we simply changed everything?

One of the things I dislike most in this world is, when someone rejects a proposal or and idea by referring to the rules or the laws. I really cannot stand it. Now it’s not that I think we should all re-define laws all the time and individually, but everyone and then it seems futile and even ridiculous to simply refer to the existing rules as an explanation to not do something some times obviously logical.

It is as if we forget, that we ourselves made the rules initially. Rules. And laws. Are not given by nature. We made them. Because they seemed reasonable, when we created them. And they might very well have been. Reasonable. But things change. Conditions change. And rules (can) change too.

So; we’ve created this system of powerful women and men taking a lot of the decisions forming the world of today and most likely also of tomorrow. And that idea is — I guess — basically good. In order for us not having to meet up 7 billion people to decide on every little matter. But then again; sometimes it feels, as if the people in charge are using their power to give them self benefits rather than benefitting the entire community. For instance here in Denmark the politicians are there years making some deep cuts in benefits and raising retirement age. For everyone. But themselves. Now there might of course be some very logical and obvious reasons for them not wanting to alter their own benefits, whilst changing the ones for the rest of the Danes, but I just have not yet heard a plausible explanation. They don’t even seem to want to talk about it. As if it was a given. Once having gained profitable benefits, then they are entitled to having them forever. But they are not. Maybe it is time to start moving a little of the power back from the people in power. Wealthy business leaders and politicians. Maybe they are no longer doing a job good enough to deserve the power, we trust in them? Is it time to start changing the rules from the bottom and up? I hope not, but it sure seems like it more often than not.

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