17 Takeaways from Apple’s Keynote

Statements, new products and features. And a gender scorecard.

Key statement

”We have a responsibility to help you protect your data.” Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

New features and products

– Apple launches 9.7-inch Ipad Pro with True Tone display. Goes after Windows users and replacement for Ipad users.

– Apple launches biffed-up 4-inch Iphone SE. Going for first-time smartphone users and Android switchers.

– Apple launches open-source framework CareKit to empower people with their care.

– Apple drops Apple Watch’s starting price to USD 299, releases new bands and colors.

– tvOS gets an update including app folders, text dictation, Siri for the App Store.

– Apple launches IOS 9.3 with Nigh Shift, minimizing exposure to blue light.

Key figures

– 93% of Apple operations worldwide are running on renewable energy.

– 100% of Apple’s data centers are powered by renewable energy.

– 1 billion Apple device users worldwide

– 200M 9.7-inch Ipads sold

– 3 million cards added to ApplePay in China in first 72 hours

– 30 million 4-inch Iphones sold in 2015

– Over 1 million apps designed for the Ipad on the App Store

– 5,000 AppleTV apps on the App Store

– 50 million use Apple’s News app

Can do better

– Keynote speaker gender scorecard: men 4, woman 1.

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