2018 — The Year Of Action

As we begin the year 2018, I have done some self-reflections and came up with the following resolutions within.

However, before I dwell into the details, I want to take us through some key issues I think impede accomplishment of goals based on personal experiences and I hope it would be of great help to us all.

First of all, I have realized that so many times we do procrastinate a lot. And that is a general phenomenon. Oftentimes we leave and do things we are not supposed to do and these acts have a big toll on our overall goals achievement. That would need to stop. To achieve our goals in life, we need to be really committed. There are times when you feel so demotivated and this sure happen a lot, but you do not have to be deterred. Think about the end result of achieving your goals – the feeling and atmosphere of accomplishment and success. That alone should be a great motivator.

Secondly, another goal killer is not really planning for your goals. I know a lot of people will list so many things to achieve especially at the beginning of the year and feel so proud of themselves by merely looking at the list. But that is just what it is. A list and nothing more! So many of us do not really plan on how we are going to achieve these goals in a specific and intentional manner. To achieve your goals, you need to plan them. You need to be specific about what exactly would constitute accomplishment.

You need to set a time frame. This will allow you to track progress and monitor performance. For example if one of your goals is to buy a new car in the seventh month of the year, you need to know how much worth of a car you want and thereafter plan on your savings schedules keeping in mind your income level. Do your calculations and see if that is achievable within the time frame set.

You can also cut yourself some slack and see if it is reasonable in your circumstance to achieve this goal within the time frame; and if not how much time do you need? This last point raised here will bring us to the third aspect of this piece.

Set reasonable and realistic goals for yourself. Don’t be too hard and unreasonable. You know your worth. You know your circumstance better than others and you know your limits.

Therefore, do not set targets for goals that are unrealistic and too hard to meet. This could be a real de-motivator and could affect your morale of even achieving other things you have set for yourself. In the corporate world, there is the idea of ‘Stretch goals’. This idea is premised on the fact that goals are set just above the usual achievable line just so to let the individual do a bit more by putting more efforts to achieving goals that ordinarily he wouldn’t have achieved if not for the fact that he is stretched.

While this is a bright idea, it has its challenges. There is a thin line between the ordinary limit and above that. While it is easy for corporate organizations to monitor individuals to achieve the set goals, on an individual basis, it is quite challenging.

For corporate organizations, there is a calculated reward or punishment which could be in terms of promotion or financial that is enough motivation for the individual to achieve the set goal.

However, on an individual stand, this is not usually the case. An individual has the liberty to back off on any plan when it is becoming too hard (most especially where the reward of outcome is still a probability). It will therefore take a lot of discipline and motivation to stretch oneself.

This in itself is a good practice, nevertheless, I would suggest that we take it slowly so as not to be demotivated at the end of it all.

These are strictly my personal thoughts and I hope you find it useful and practicable.

Now back to where we started. Personally, I have made the following rolling resolutions in the year 2018 just so to be more efficient and to achieve a lot more in 2018.

These are some notable routine ones:

1. Network more – I have realized that networking is important and key to achieving lots of important tasks. I will revive old relationships and get a mentor. I know there are good reasons why I know those that I know. I have drawn up my network lists and I am marvelled at the result. I am so richly blessed with great contacts (and I am sure everyone is).

2. Read More Books – Reading surely broadens your knowledge and understanding of issues. My reading list in 2018 will surely be significant as I plan to cover a lot of areas such as Politics, Religion, History, Economics, Finance and Technology.

3. Start a Business – Over the years this particular line of action has been on my head. Now is the time to do the act. I plan to start alone and along the line bring in other partners later on. Starting alone I believe will make the establishment faster to achieve and bringing in partners later on will make consolidating on ideas, financing and the likes clearer and easier as there is a thriving business and clear direction.

4. No more Aso-Ebi and other frivolities– Shout out to all my Owambe peeps. Sorry to disappoint you on this and I strongly believe you will perfectly understand. Although I am not the Owambe type but sometimes you still need to do these things for the sake of friendship and relationship. However, there is a limit to this in 2018 and it will be stuck to 100%. The savings made on this would be channelled towards other courses. Nevertheless, I am not saying you should not invite me to your wedding ceremonies or business luncheon. I will surely come around if I can make it, trust me. After all, what are friends for!

There you go! While these are not the exhaustive list of things to be done in 2018, they are indeed some of the things on top of my to-dos in 2018 and I hope to achieve all of them with a thoughtfully crafted plan (all on my cards).

The reason I have put this out is just to serve as motivator and a challenge to me (and anyone out there who could also draw an inspiration from it). With this out, I know I have not only set a goal but I will be accountable in a year’s time on the level attainment. This is enough motivation for me.

I hope the story at the end of the year would be a great one!

Here’s to a great 2018!

This is wishing you all prosperous and fruitful days, weeks and months ahead!

Have my best wishes.

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