There’s No Stopping You, Except You!

By Moshood Ayeni

Let me get straight to the point here without much ado. The one thing that I have noticed to be the stumbling block to achieving success is the “Limiting You” in you.

Often times many of us would think that achieving one’s dream is impossible just because of our limited thinking. We often conclude that we really don’t have what it takes to become what we have always craved. This limiting thoughts and thinking generally becloud our sense of inbuilt inner strength that can achieve wonders even at levels we never imagined.

We often conclude that we really don’t have what it takes to become what we have always craved

The power of the human power is reposed in our ability to think and imagine things creatively, bringing to life new creations that can only be made possible through creative thoughts.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the human entity is one powerfully loaded one with abilities to do things as long as he is willing. Note the word Willing.

The question now is are you willing? The will to achieve is the first step to success. As a person, you must first decide within yourself that you want to achieve these goals. This will then propel you to success. The human will when harnessed dedicatedly, is almost unstoppable.

It therefore means that the only obstacle that is stopping you from achieving your lifelong dreams and aspirations is the “Limiting You” in you. Until this is tamed and destroyed, you will always think that you cannot achieve whatever you have set out to achieve.

So get up and tame the “Limiting You” because nothing can stop you if you really want to achieve your dreams. Only one thing can stop you, and that is You.

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