The beginning of a new journey into the future of team productivity

Yesterday was a big day for all of us at Nozbe team. We’ll now officially be able to talk about our new “secret project” — the future of Nozbe — the Nozbe 4.

This is the “backstage”

This blog here on Medium will serve as a way to show you the “backstage” — how we’re rolling out Nozbe 4, why we built it, what’s new, what’s different and where the future of productivity is headed.

That’s why I published a Nozbe 4 Manifesto where I explain that we want what’s really the best for…

Working with GitHub with my team — and using it on the go on my iPad Pro thanks to the Working Copy app

At Nozbe among all the apps we use to run our company, we also take advantage of Github’s implementation of Git — the version control system — because when many people work on code, things can quickly fall through the cracks if you’re not using a version control system. Git in a software company is nothing new, but recently we started using Git for more things — especially for writing content… and now everyone on our team knows how to do it! And thanks to the Working Copy app I can work like this on my iPad Pro, too. …

Here’s my keynote from this year’s InfoShare 2018 conference where I try to convince both the business owners and their employees that work is not a place to go, but a thing that you do!

This year I was lucky enough to be chosen to speak at the biggest tech conference in Poland (some 6000+ attendees!) — InfoShare 2018 and in this short (20-minute) presentation I’m answering the question I get a lot — why #NoOffice? Why do I think this is the future of work?

Note: sound quality a little off, because it’s our own unofficial recording — I’ll update the post when the conference organizer sends me the official one, but it’s good enough for you to enjoy

Now that you’ve watched my keynote — what do you think? Is #NoOffice the future of work? Why? Why not? Let me know your thoughts!

All-company meetings in a “No Office” team — a step-by-step guide to a successful meet-up

In my „No Office” company we don’t see each other all that much in person. Yes, we have video meetings, but apart from that, everyone works from the comfort of their home office. That’s why a few years ago we started these annual, and later semi-annual all-company meetings, called “reunions”. We wanted to spend some quality time with each other in person, recharge batteries, get to know the people hidden behind their avatars… and basically connect on a different level. Now, that we did a few of these, and we’ve just had our fall “Nozbe Reunion Wrocław”, I’d like to…

The Minimalists coined a term “Packing Party” — which basically means that you pack all of your belongings to boxes like if you were to move to a different house and later you only unpack the things you really need… the same thing is happening to me and my new iPad Pro and iOS11 on it.

Whenever I set up a new device — iPhone, iPad or a Mac — to maximize my productivity and reduce the pain of not having everything set up correctly, I do two things:

  1. I backup the old device and shut it down.
  2. I boot up the new device and restore it from the old backup.

That’s it. Two steps. Done. Easy, right?

The result is that after a short while my new device has the same apps, settings and data as my old one had. I can almost instantly continue working the same way I used to. Almost no productivity…

How I started doing productivity and NoOffice webinars and how this platform is changing the way I’m both teaching and learning new things!

Here’s Michael Sliwinski, the author of “It’s All About Passion” and “NoOffice Apps” books that hopefully you’ve read by now (if you haven’t let me know and I’ll send you them!).

I promised to keep in touch. But life got busy.

In this short message I’d like to invite you to my next webinar… and explain why I love doing webinars so much! It’s like my next big thing!

Here’s why:

Apart from running Nozbe what I also like doing is learning productivity — from you, from Nozbe users, from my Twitter followers… from everybody!

And as they say, the…

Don’t let anyone convince you that you “cannot” do something and pursue your own goals to achieve success. My #NoOffice lifestyle and business just prove this point.

Just last month we celebrated 10 years of Nozbe and today, I’d like write about a few learnings from this experience. You deserve to be successful and when somebody tells you that something “cannot” be done, you should pay attention and instead of giving in, find the ways you can make this work. Here are the 5 “cannots” people have been repeating to me over and over again:

1. You “cannot” develop a business “after hours”

As I wrote in the article about Nozbe’s 10th anniversary and my interview, my app was created as a side project. It was just a hobby: I wanted to test GTD principles…

How the Nozbe team uses modern technologies to communicate better and get more done.

Communication Pyramid in a nutshell

Note: A few months ago I posted about my company’s pyramid of communication, which we also discussed on the 18th episode of The Podcast. We recently revisited the concept on the 65th episode of The Podcast “Request for Comments” and thanks to this I wrote a whole book on the subject with the concept revisited, please let me know what you think:

Instead of following the high and low bandwidth communication style which is so popular in traditional offices, at Nozbe we realized there are actually five levels of communication. They all vary between “highest bandwidth” and “lowest bandwidth.” They…

Introducing an experimental policy that will give us a more productive, yet shorter, workweek with more time for a weekly review and for learning new things… or not.

Last week I decided to try a new policy at Nozbe. Something that might not seem logical from my perspective as a CEO. After all, I should want my team to work more. As much as possible, right? Well, I proposed something totally different. Let’s work less, let’s have fewer meetings and let’s make more time for self development and weekly review. We called this new policy “Piąteczek” (in Polish), which you could translate to: TGIF, as in “Thank God It’s Friday.” Here’s what it’s all about:

How work you? How learn you? How review you? — Questions Yoda should have asked us!

Note: If you prefer a different “audio” version of this article, we discussed…

Not only “No Office” also “No email”. Just don’t use email internally!

There’s a new book “Under New Management” by David Burkus coming soon that includes some unconventional management practices, and one of them is apparently “banning email.” Something I did in my company three years ago. Something I didn’t think was new but now I see it really is. Whenever I talk about “No Office,” people ask me about my email policy and they’re surprised that we banned email in our company. They give me this “Can you do that?” face. Of course you can. You actually should if you want to have a productive environment for your team. Only allow…

Michael Sliwinski

I'm a #productivity guy, founder of @Nozbe apps & @ProductiveMag. I work #iPadOnly at #NoOffice. I share my best tips & tricks on @thepodcastfm

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