The remarkable power of not giving a fuck
Kira Leigh

When you start defending your article by applying ‘Survivor-ship bias’ on a questionable character like Donald Trump, I’m sorry, I lose interest. I agree with the message that lies at the core of your post, that people should start giving a fuck about that one thing that they love. And care less about the rest. And like you, I also care about content marketing. But one of your main arguments has been based on the premise that Donald Trump is popular because he doesn’t give a fuck. Keeping aside his poor personality traits, doesn’t that assume becoming loved by Americans is the most desired thing in the world? Have you ever wondered whether being popular matters more to a brand or having more satisfied customers? They are not the same thing, right?

Also, you used your advertising experience and implied that you’re highly successful there which has given you this confidence to talk about this topic in an impressively bold manner. I loved the attitude and I can sense that you do care about your work. But what is the measure of your success? Without you mentioning exactly what you have achieved isn’t it hard for a reader like me to be convinced that you know what you are talking about? I already know Gary Vee doesn’t give a fuck. What more did you add? And if you say, I hyperlinked another 1000 words article so people will learn about my success, then where is the brevity in your writing?

My issue with this article is that, it talks in vague language. “Getting people to talk” — is it the lead generation phase you are talking about? Where does it fit in in the overall marketing strategy?

Yes, you got me talking and you can count this as a success, that you got me to write a long response. But my point is, that does not show how good this article was, or how after reading it I felt I could have spent my time on another article. You certainly write with flair, but you needed better argument and research to convince me. That’s why I wrote this, maybe you will mind it for your next article?

Or, you can not give a fuck. Up to you.

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