Alexa is the Early App Store

Amazon Echo

Alexa, Amazon’s friendly little smart personal assistant now has over 7,000 skills. However besides asking for weather, news or music, Alexa is still very limited in terms of what their skills can do. Imagine that over 7,000 skills but there’s nothing on.

I should note that the Echo was only introduced a little over a year ago. While Amazon has over five million of these devices consumers are still slowly discovering what Echo and Alexa can do.

Alexa’ skill store is like the early days of the Apple App Store where apps looked like this:

But as more people began purchasing iPhones, apps became more sophisticated and interactions became more smooth. There is current constant chatter on the next platform shift after mobile, and Echo seems to be the clear contender. As more people purchase more Echos more businesses will be built on the platform.

When will see the Snapchat of Alexa, the Uber of Alexa (you could already order Uber on Alexa) and the first voice first business built completely on Alexa? If the rate of adoption continues to hold, the answer will be soon.

There are some points to note:

  • Amazon’s entry price of $49.99 (Echo Dot) is much cheaper than the $399 (after the price drop from $599) it costed to buy the original iPhone.
  • Apple sold 6.1 million first generation iPhone over five quarters.
  • The Smart Speaker market is estimated to top $2 billion by 2020.
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