The Future of TV

Facebook Live, Twitter Livestreams, SlingTV, the future of TV is coming and old media better be prepared.

The time of switching through channels looking for something at least moderately entertaining is over, the main reason that people are still subscribed to cable services, are because of the monopoly cable has over sports events. But as these sports associations begin to realize that they need to begin following the trend of millennial cord cutters, many will start to look for more option to reach their audience, as did the NFL with Twitter.

The future of TV is simple, and it will be split in two. On one side we will have live-streamed events such as the sports, award shows, musicals, news. The other side will be shows that target specific niche of audiences, BET, O Network, Food Network etc.

With this, channels such that are filler channels (channels that we flick through when we have nothing to watch) will be forever forgotten.

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