Calling Home


“Time is long, but life is short.”

Stevie Wonder

Just thinking about the lives lost and injured in the horrific Amtrak train accident in the Frankford junction in Philadelphia Pa. brings me to mind a question. A question that many might not even have the time to think about when facing a situation such as this, which is “After this what then?” Have you ever giving the chance to think what would happen to you when you die. You might ask yourself the same question I did about the accident. Many of you might not think you go anywhere or do anything after death. You may think “well I accomplished everything I wanted to do and be as a person” or “I haven't yet begun to live my life to the fullest”, whatever the expression I can imagine you must have also thought about what will happen after death one time or another. I wonder what those people on the train who were either injured or died must of thought when the chaos had occurred. Did they ask the same question or expressed the same thoughts? What where there final thoughts? Family, Life, accomplishments or shame? We would never know, but it does make us wonder what we would think or do if we were under the same circumstance.

Life goes away from us in the blink of an eye. Its a scary thought but its reality and no matter if you believe in life after death or not, it doesn't really matter, what matters is Truth. What truth you might ask? The Truth of God’s Holy Scripture. Truth that life does go on after death. That death is not the end of the road way. That life is much more powerful then death itself. That Jesus Christ the Begotten Son of God came down to earth to become flesh and died on the cross to demolish death once and for all. Death on the cross was only the beginning. Life through Christ became the reason to not only live but live a everlasting life with Him. Nothing or no-one can ever pluck us from His hands. We are God’s children and we will meet our creator face to face when the time comes. But before that day comes, can we truly admit that we will live eternally at peace? How sure are we that we will live in peace after death? That if death comes to us in whatever form, we would be ready for what is next to come in the eternal life. No one can be certain about death’s timing but we can be certain where we might go after death, if we go to ever lasting peace or not.

No matter what the cause or the effect, we can be sure that Jesus wants us to live in everlasting peace with Him. He loves us too much to see us wither away in death to end up not by His side. It is why He gave himself up as the ultimate sacrifice to death so that we won’t go through it ourselves. The only thing we must do is accept this Truth, accept Him with all our heart, mind and soul as our Savior and Lord, our healer and protector. To live a life with Him by our side and guiding our every step.

To all who read this and to all who have not decided to let Jesus live within you, I dedicate this poem to you. Read it and try this Truth for yourself.

The Spiritual Railway- Written by James Entwistle

“The line to Heaven by Christ was made,
With heavenly truth the rails are laid.
From earth to heaven the line extends
To Life Eternal where it ends.
Repentance is the station then
Where passengers are taken in.
No fee for them is there to pay
For Jesus is Himself the way.
God’s Word is the first engineer.
It points the way to Heaven so clear.
Through tunnels dark and dreary here
It does the way to Glory steer.
God’s Love the fire, his Truth the steam
Which drives the engine and the train.
All you who would to Glory ride
Must come to Christ, in Him abide.
Come then, poor sinners, now’s the time
At any station on the line.
If you’ll repent and turn from sin,
The train will stop and take you in.”

Will you like to be on that Spiritual Train of Salvation? Then please pray this prayer with me. Believe it, Live it, be Transformed by it.

Dear Jesus,

I come before you with a contrite heart. Knowing and recognizing that I am a sinner and cannot live without you in my life. Forgive me for my transgressions and thank you for dying for me on the Cross of Calvery. I see and know that a life without you is no life at all. I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Guide me with your Holy Spirit. Enrich me with your Holy Word. And keep me with your Great Love. That I may also be a vessel for others to seek your Love and Salvation. Thank you for your Salvation. I believe and declare this prayer in your might name Jesus, Amen.

Welcome to the Truth! ☺

(Prayers to all the people and families affected by the Amtrak Train Accident.)

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