In Fruita, My Last Destination Before Heading to Chicago

18 Road Trail System, Fruita

Hello Dear Readers,

I’m now in Fruita, Co. This is my last destination before I head back across the Rockies and Great Plains to see and spend time with my (completely real) girlfriend. She’s now back there instead of on a “completely real” island that makes Maine look close (fun fact: while I tease her now about how I don’t believe it’s a real place, I impressed her on our first date by knowing that Newfoundland is a part of Canada, it’s an island off the east coast, and that it’s where the Vikings briefly settled…). Anyway.

I did a nice ride this morning at the 18 Road Trails, where I’m camped. There’s a trail here that’s called the “PBR Run” (ostensibly meaning “Pumps, Bumps, and Rollers”). It’s a directional downhill trail that’s nothing but flow. It’s a lot of fun. (It’s a bit dry and dusty right now, but still lots of fun.)

Entrance to the PBR Run.
Riding back to the top of the PBR run on a parallel trail.

Now I’m at a cafe after doing laundry. Soon I’m going to go ride at the Kokopelli Loops just west of town. I’ve never been there before but the photos look great.

In general, at this point I feel distracted from the trip by the continuous thought of seeing and spending time with my gf again. Also, my body hurts (I hurt shoulder somehow this morning). All of this has me leaning towards hitting the road tomorrow back across the country.

I’ve been thinking about my last post a bit, particularly that MTBing is the purest form of cycling. I’ve thought of a possible other contender. Track cycling. It’s basically the complete opposite of MTBing, and is arguably less useful. For track, you’re inside, on a completely minimalist bike (no brakes, fixed gear). It’s completely pointless as well, and you’re not even outside (generally). (There was a phase some years ago with riding track bikes outside, but that ended a few years later, I think after everyone who did it died.) I think the purest form of cyclist comes down to equipment then.

Bikes so minimal they should only be ridden inside?: Track.

Bikes so capable they’re impractical for anything useful?: MTBing.