Left Sedona — Now in Kingman — My bike is (well… was) *Clean*

Current residence. Outside Kingman, AZ.

Yesterday morning I packed up my hotel room, picked up my bike, and hit the road for about 3 hours to Kingman, AZ.

However, before that I had to leave my campsite the morning two days ago.

Morning I left, the trees are greener than two weeks before. On right, all hooked up.

The drive up was a bit sketchy hauling the trailer. The trailer adds weight to the rear wheels and takes it off the front. I started to lose traction in the steepest spot but after turning on the “off road mode” I was fine. :)

On the road out of my campsite, Sedona.

From there I drove the short distance to the former mining town of Jerome, AZ to visit a couple museums before going to my hotel. There’s a good view from Jerome. That will be it’s own post later. Probably.

View east from Jerome, AZ. Sedona in the distance right. Flagstaff at the mountain’s base on left.

So, back to yesterday. My bike is *clean.* I had Over The Edge Bikes in Sedona completely tear it down and overhaul it, including the suspension.

…So Clean…

By comparison, when I dropped it off:

Dirty Bike

I’m happy with the job they did. The overhaul normally includes replacing all the bearings, which cost about $80 and they had to order, but after they dismantled the bike they called and said all my bearings are still in great condition and there’s no reason to replace them. I was given the option of having them install them anyway or just skipping that (I skipped it). They threw in new break pads to make up for the labor they saved on the bearings. I’m happy with that. I also bought the bike new grips.

New brake pads (actually an upgrade, with heat fins). Also, new grips.

After I picked the bike I had to put it in my car (since I was hauling the trailer). That was fun. A bit like …Tetris… with trying to get things to all fit together properly.

Back of my car. Where I need to fit a bike (left). “I got it in, I knew it would fit!” (right)

After that just quick resupply stop in Flagstaff and I was on my way.

I ate out for the second time on my travels yesterday. Turns out Kingman has an In-N-Out, and I celebrated this fast by eating there. It was good.

After that, on to my campsite / the mountain bike trailhead. I really love when these are the same place and I can ride without driving beforehand or afterwards.

Free BLM Campsite / MTB Trailhead

They have good trails here. They’re different than most places I’ve been, in that there are a lot of loose medium sized rocks, but that makes for a new challenge riding. Not something I would want all the time, but a good skill building exercise for the day or two I’m here.

Also, the views are amazing.

Monolith Gardens Trail, Kingman, AZ MTB

Last night I ate a vegetarian dinner. I’m going to try and have only one carnivorous meal per day. There are several reasons for this. One is it reduces the amount of meat I have to prepare and carry, another is that it’s generally budget friendly. Perhaps the biggest reason though is because I want the challenge of cooking good healthy vegetarian food. I cooked a veggie meal for my neighbors at my Sedona campsite a few nights ago (partially in thanks for them making a delicious stew the previous night). It was good (and got high marks from my guests), so that’s opened me to the idea of doing it more often.

Vegetarian meals I’ve cooked recently.

This morning I woke up with the sunrise. One of the perks of not being in a canyon is I get to see the sunrise.

Sunrise this morning.

Being so close to the trails, I went riding again this morning. (Surprising, I know.)

After that, I ate my first “home” cooked burger in about a week (see previous post on that burger).

So good.

Now I’ve run a few errands and am going to head back to my camper for a few home improvement projects and more MTBing. :)