Monday Morning at the Office

Sticker. Extra kudos because the silhouette is clearly a FS MTB.
My current whereabouts.

By which I mean, of course, the Moab library. Since my last post my life has been a mix of MTBing, eating, reading, looking at rocks, and sleeping. Basically exactly what you would expect.

I don’t feel very inspired to write right now. Not sure why. Part of it might be that I keep thinking about things to write about, such as MTBing or food, and these lead to just thinking about how I want to go MTBing / go eat more food. Having done the few things I came to do (check the weather, research bike shuttles, make sure I don’t have any important messages waiting for me, etc), I now feel like “why am I indoors?” Or, to put it differently, why am I writing instead of doing?

Here have a brief version of what I was going to write.

I rode the Moab Brands trails yesterday and the day before. That was good.

On Deadman’s ridge, left, and the entrance to Killer B, right.
Left, yeah, steep, but not that bad. Right, another warning sign?
Yeah, sure, steep ledge. Really not that bad. At least compared to Sedona’s Hiline.

After riding yesterday, I ate some food.

Mmmm food. Typical lunch.

I really like the degree of control I’ve taken over diet since leaving town. The only empty carbs I ingest are a roughly once per day hamburger bun and the occasional sip of whiskey (maybe ketchup and the odd energy gel also count). This is all I’ve eaten in the last week except for two meals (listing everything in the last month would add a few items but this is representative):

  • Apples, bananas, sometimes other fruit
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Broccoli, carrots, cabbage, kale
  • Almonds, peanuts (/nothing added but salt peanut butter), walnuts.
  • Coffee
  • Ground beef
  • Cheese
  • Hamburger buns
  • Ketchup, mayo
  • Salt, pepper, soy sauce, hot sauce, curry seasoning
  • Canola oil, butter
  • Daily multi-vitamin
  • Occasional sip of whiskey.
  • Occasional energy gel while riding

That’s it. It’s great. It’s also starting to show, I seem to be getting a six pack.

My interest in eating out is down significantly since I started to notice the six-pack. My original approach to eating out was that it would be rare treat, but now the idea doesn’t even really appeal to me anymore (that’s of course in part because I have the time to cook for myself, if I was in a hurry I’m sure the appeal would come back).

One disadvantage of this life though is that I’m almost always hungry. I eat a lot, but half an hour after I eat I’m almost always ready for more food. Any time I see anything with carbs I want to be like “GIVE ME NOW!”

Anyway, yesterday afternoon / evening I went rock exploring on the bluff behind my campsite. I found some nice dendrites:

Dendrite crystals on rocks behind my campsite.

These are formed when a solution with Fe or Mg (I think, it might be Mn) flows through the cracks in the rocks and crystallize.

As an aside, not from this trip, but this is the best dendrite I’ve found:

This is from a great road cut in South Africa. Here, specifically:

Along Route 1 in the Western Cape region in S. Africa.
Detail of the right section

Weird for me to think I was only there in… January. Feels like longer.

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