Our flagship product, the MultiBoard, Full Size. I take some pride in the design.

For anyone interested or curious, my company, (OIH) Designs is on indefinite hiatus. I’ve been on “temporary” hiatus since this past summer, but really at this point it’s indefinite. …

I am not sure what the best way to share an album of wedding photos is, however as I’ve now procrastinated on this question for just shy of a year I decided that Medium would work great. Here are photos from the “Row-Mann” wedding. Thank you for your patience. :)

Here is a concise selection of the photos.

North Liberty, IA on a very cold day.

Well, it’s cold outside. Very, very cold. If you’re reading this in several years and were in the midwest in late Jan ’19, today was the day that was so cold even the mail wasn’t delivered.

I wanted to see if/how well my Motobecane fat bike would work (especially in…

Nick Mann

Founder of OIH Designs / science photographer. Previously a nomadic MTBer.

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