My name is Dan Budge, and I’m starting Owl Flight.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) industry has exploded over the past few years. I’ve watched companies grow from startups to well-known brands, and have seen some good products take flight. However, this industry is in it’s nascent stage — and that’s reflected in the products.

It’s my passion for drones and great products, as well as my dissatisfaction with today’s products, that motivated me to start Owl Flight. Owl Flight’s goal is to make high quality products that are both beautiful and functional; products whose craftsmanship, performance, and design surpasses that of anything found in the industry today. Our business model is customer-centered and based on this simple philosophy: Get the product right, execute well, and the profit will follow.

I’ve been developing designs on my own for the past two years, and in recent months have been gathering resources, finding mentors, developing a business plan and finalizing my design.

The design has already exceeded my expectations. The first full prototype is due to be completed by year end, and I’ll be testing various components along the way. I’ll share the whole process with you, including sneak peeks of prototypes and an inside look at what’s going on. I want this to be a customer-oriented product — one that makes sense — and I need your help.

My next post will be a description of the first product. I’ll be setting up social media pages and a website soon; I’ll share those as soon as they’re live. If anyone has questions, connections, or references they think might be useful, let me know! I’m looking forward to sharing this journey, receiving your feedback, and bringing superior products to the world.

-Dan Budge