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Forged in the volcanic mobile development fervor, known to the world as — the release of the Apple App Store — my digital product design career was born from an animation position with a mobile app developer startup. What started as a love for animation had evolved into a loathing for design… Until I started to learn design, which then turned into a passion for it.

Going from an animator, to illustrator, to UI designer, to wannabe coder, and then to branding consultant, I discovered an adoration for sculpting digital products that resonated with their audience.

Let me get this out of the way — I’m no UX Unicorn. I don’t even believe they exist. And if they do, they are lying about something. Unicorn? More like — Ux-Nincompoop-Into-Creating-Real-Nonsense. That’s all I could muster in the five minutes it took to conjure that, but you get the picture.

Speaking of picture — the ones bellow link to my articles relating to UX Design & Digital Product Development.

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An illustrator by nature, video game artist & animator by experience, and digital product designer by trade, I have been in the professional digital media field for a decade, and have been involved in creating digital media content for freelance work and hobby projects for a decade more.

On Christmas ’93, I got DOOM, a PC video game. By the next year, I was creating custom content for the game and sharing it with friends, family, and strangers online. They seemed to enjoy it and, for me, it was intoxicating. I made the interesting observation that after some time, although people enjoyed the content I created and often asked for more, they didn’t necessarily remember the details. What they did remember was their positive experience with it. And that became the thing I have chased in every design since.

They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.
 — Carl W. Buehner


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