This genius photo experiment shows we are all just sheeple in the consumer matrix
Rian Dundon

This is so cynical and reductive — and honestly kind of mean. While it is clear that the photographer took pictures of a bunch of people wearing the same thing, as the examples progress the thesis (that we’re all exactly the same now?) falls apart. I’m not sure what conclusions we’re supposed to draw from the selected photos of young hetero- couples, but ok there that is. And the people dressed alike who are wearing uniforms? Yes. Uniforms look the same.

Finally, what can one know about these people from looking at their outfits and doing a random sample comparison. The only sound, logical conclusion one can make is that these are current fashion trends.

The real revelation here is that the appeal of this kind of thinking is that it is simplistic, lazy, and self-congratulatory. That kind of thinking is becoming an epidemic.

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