College of Health Sciences: Lauren

“There is an emphasis on care for the whole person, demonstrated in the CHS curriculum through classes such as Medical Ethics, Culture and Disability, and Patient Management…Now more than ever, the world needs young professionals who are willing to be empathetic, tolerant, hard-working, and effective at communication. I am confident that my experience at Marquette has helped me develop these attributes so that I will be able to be an effective healthcare practitioner. I love physical therapy, but most importantly, I love the ability to think creatively and innovatively to help others. Marquette has given me quite the tool belt to get started, and I have no doubt that it will improve as I continue on throughout the rest of physical therapy school.”
“The CHS has given me some incredible opportunities to explore interests and develop passions. During my sophomore year, when I returned from IMAP South Africa, I felt lost and distressed about the major I was in. Rather than dismissing my feelings, my professor at the time took me under his wing and brought me on as the only undergraduate student on a community wellness research project he was spearheading. Throughout that spring semester, the summer, and the fall, I was able to gain valuable experience in research and realize a passion in working with special populations. This led to an internship in Dr. Sandra Hunter’s lab in Neuromuscular Physiology. These positions helped me realize that although the lab experience is fascinating from a scientific perspective, I find myself most comfortable in a community setting.”

A first-year Physical Therapy student, Lauren Rimmel is extensively involved in both advancing her career in the health profession as well as service opportunities through the University. Aside from her research experience and internship in the Neuromuscular Physiology lab, Lauren works as a personal trainer, building supervisor and student manager at Marquette’s Recreation Center (our on-campus gym and health center). Among opportunities to “broaden her perspective as an engaged student and citizen,” Lauren has embarked on Marquette Action Program service trips both nationally and internationally, will travel to Nicaragua this January as part of Marquette Global Brigades, and has participated and coordinated Midnight Run (a meal service combating homelessness and hunger in Milwaukee) for the past 3 years. These involvement opportunities have “changed the way I view dialogue, social concerns and the role on community engagement.”

Lauren mentions more than a handful of opportunities to apply her professional passions to interests in social justice and global citizenship. Arming Health Science students with a well-rounded understanding of care for the whole human is just part of a health-focused education at Marquette — and students take this seriously, demonstrated by the extensive variety of service opportunities, found here. Lauren balances all on top of finishing her undergraduate degree and beginning PT school as part of Marquette’s direct-admit program, which allows students to complete undergraduate studies in 3 years and begin Physical Therapy graduate courses during their fourth year on campus. Check out the program and learn how to apply on the PT website.

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