Klingler College of Arts & Sciences: Steven

“Being an A&S major has helped me develop my critical thinking and analytical skills. It has also strengthened my ability to convey information both written and orally.”
“This past summer I began an internship with the Marquette History Department under Dr. James Marten. Over the course of this internship I have enjoyed being able to apply my education in history to a real world setting and develop job skills that can be used in a future career.”

As a junior double majoring in History and Criminology, Steven Wales keeps himself busy. He notes his experiencing interning in the History Department, and he credits a professor of Ancient History for sparking his passion in pursuing this sector of the history field — so much so that he is considering the possibility of pursuing a graduate education in Ancient History. Outside of the classroom, he’s attending Marquette as an Army ROTC Cadet.

Many high school students with an interest in history aren’t aware of the career possibilities of a history degree. Klingler College of Arts & Sciences connects students as early as freshman year with internship opportunities in the field, ranging from historical society, museums, archives and on campus. Students take advantage of a variety of opportunities offered as job positions or for class credit.

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