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It has only been a few months since Damarius Edwards, Bus Ad ’16, graduated from Marquette’s College of Business Administration, but he has already put his degree in Finance and Economics to use as he establishes himself at Morgan Stanley. Edwards will complete a year-long trainee program as a Wealth Advisor Associate before he transitions to his next role as a Financial Advisor Associate, another trainee program to supplement the development of his own practice. Edwards has no shortage of ambition, but he also credits his time at Marquette as preparing him in a variety of ways for his career in wealth management, offering the opportunity to grow professionally while holding internships.

Edwards’ initial draw to Marquette was the opportunity for “professional and social development.” He took advantage of a variety of opportunities as an undergraduate, working as a Resident Assistant, joining Greek life and serving on the Marquette Alumni Association National Board of Directors to connect with alumni from a variety of backgrounds. He reflects upon these as some of his favorite Marquette memories, citing his time spent here as both impactful and meaningful. “We leave [Marquette] knowing the world isn’t too big for us to make our mark, no matter where we choose to place it.”

This mentality extends into Edwards’ workplace as well. As a minority in a variety of ways at his office, he says his time at Marquette prepared him to take on these roadblocks: “Four years of a Jesuit education has taught me to dig deeper than what lies on the surface in building relationships. My line of work is predicated on trust and integrity, two traits I feel Marquette instilled in me. Knowing how to navigate the path of relationship building has only aided me positively in my post-graduate career.” Embodying these ideals has given Edwards an edge as a former student of Jesuit education.

He describes the impact of Marquette on his own personal values: “Marquette graduates [have] a sense of gratitude. We all leave the university appreciating what we learned and find our particular niche in the greater society.” Edwards believes in the importance of giving back, stating that he is a strong believer in the saying, “Leave a place better than you found it.” With his determination to give future Marquette students a similar experience — one that ensures that “no graduate leaves Marquette the same way he or she came” — Edwards will surely leave a lasting impact on campus long after his graduation day.

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