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Attending Marquette was never much of a question for Kyle Whelton, Arts ’15, who grew up rooting for the Marquette men’s basketball team, following in the footsteps of his stepfather. He was hooked after his first visit to campus and even now, over five years since his first tour, still remembers his decision to attend Marquette as “the best decision I have ever made.”

As a student of political science, Marquette’s Les Aspin Center in Washington, D.C. called Kyle’s name and became one of his favorite collegiate experiences. He joined Marquette University Student Government his sophomore year and became the MUSG President as a senior, where he worked on the committee that planned President Lovell’s inauguration — having the opportunity to help robe Marquette’s new president during the ceremony. Kyle did not limit himself only to political involvement, though, he worked in the Office of Residence life, participated in the Classics Club, worked as both a teacher’s assistant and research assistant, and joined a fraternity — an organization that would eventually take him to Greece to study the culture and philosophies first-hand that he had learned about from his minor in Classical Studies.

Kyle’s commitment to both academics and a wide range of involvement was made possible through one lasting source of inspiration: “The mission of Marquette is essential to my character as a person and a professional. It makes me strive for excellence in all that I do while keeping the ever-present need to help and serve others at the heart of my actions.” Today, Kyle works as a field organizer with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s coordinated campaign, a position that allows Kyle to utilize the critical thinking and analytical skills that his education at Marquette instilled in him.

Kyle may have graduated, but he still considers himself a proud Golden Eagle. “As an alumnus, I still feel the same powerful call to devote my time to serving others as I did while still on campus. Marquette students embrace and live out the Marquette mission, and take this mission with them out into the world.” Kyle’s devotion to living out Jesuit ideals helps drive his commitment to giving back to Marquette, understanding the transformative education that the university provides is not possible without the volunteering of time or financial contributions often given by the alumni giving back. He credits his own generous spirit to those who gave before him: “The generosity of others gave me my Marquette experience, and now it’s my turn to return the favor for future generations.”

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