Opus College of Engineering: Molly

I wanted a career with which I could make a positive, viable impact on the global community. I think we’re at a critical crossroads in our earth’s journey right now, and the next generation of builders and designers is going to be the one that decides the trajectory of how we solve the environmental problems that we have and how we go forward with innovative solutions. And there is no better place than to learn how to do that than at Marquette.
The importance of Marquette’s co-op program cannot be overstated. Not many college graduates have real, full time experience in the profession that they want to go into, but the co-op program gives you that. I don’t want to say this to brag, but to demonstrate the impacts of this program, I interviewed for five summer internships last year and received offers from all five. And the main talking point in all of my interviews? The knowledge I gained during my co-op experience.

Molly Haug has made the most of her four years at Marquette as an Environmental Engineering major. In addition to participating in Marquette’s co-op program, Molly was able to study abroad in Ireland for a semester during her sophomore year, spend her winter break serving with Global Brigades in Nicaragua, join engineering sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon and participate in the honors program.

Students such as Molly exemplify the wide range of involvement that Marquette students pursue. Rigorous as coursework may be for students studying engineering, most find time to pursue interests outside the classroom as well. Take a look at the College’s viewbook for an overview of the various ways engineers are making the difference.

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