Ten Freshman Experiences You Must Have at Marquette

We spent some time this summer reflecting…it’s a very Jesuit thing to do. We asked our sophomores (former freshmen) to help us put together a list of experiences you, as an incoming student, should put on your bucket list. As the start of school grows closer, we hope this helps with your excitement for move-in!

1. Have a Milwaukee Adventure!

As Marquette students, we are given a bus pass to use throughout the city of Milwaukee. One of my best experiences was hoping on a bus on random Saturdays to see where it would take me. I would try to find a cool coffee shop that I had never been to before and would do my homework and try some new eats.

— Lindsey Hermsen, New Vienna, Iowa

2. Get to know your professor…outside of the classroom!

While I was studying for my finals in May, I saw an engineering professor roaming around and talking to students in Engineering Hall. This professor was looking for students from his class to ask if they needed help. This shows that the class isn’t limited to a room but that teachers are willing to go above and beyond.

— Alana Adams, Tampa, FL

3. Attend a basketball game!

If I have one regret from freshman year, it would be attending only one of these games because they are so much fun. I have never been a sports guy but the games were much more of a community experience than a sporting event to me, and this allowed me to feel like a part of something bigger than myself.

— Digory Anderson, Montrose, MN

4. Move-in Day

Move in day was so fun. It was crazy, chaotic, and exciting all at the same time. Everyone was so friendly…it made you feel at home immediately.

— Jacqueline Klingman, West Hartford, CT

5. Join your peers in serving others in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is an amazing, beautiful, urban city, with so many opportunities to reach out in the community. I never felt more accomplished, or gratified, than I did when I volunteered in the community surrounding campus.

— Erin Herdeman, Waukesha, WI

6. Join a club. Go on a retreat. Get involved.

Since I live far away and couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving, I was really worried about what I would do. In October, I went on the Ignatian Leadership Retreat for freshmen, and there I met a friend who took me home with her over Thanksgiving break. I had an awesome time in northern Wisconsin. I built a snowman and did many other exciting winter things…at least exciting for a Californian.

— Claire Gunderman, El Segundo, CA

7. Spend time in JOA (Joan of Arc).

Go to a mass at St. Joan of Arc! Even if you’re not Catholic or religious it’s still a wonderful experience for meeting new people! Being able to say you worshiped in one of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere is always impressive, plus you have to opportunity to meet more people and really feel the strength and power of people’s faith in God!

— Reece Harty, Madison, WI

8. Join your peers in serving around the country.

I went on a MAP trip over Spring Break to my hometown. It really meant a lot to me to connect with those I normally would never have met had it not been for the Marquette community. The trip and immersion into the issues of homelessness has made me much more aware of the problems that we let linger in society.

— Mary Sizemore, Lenexa, KS

9 & 10. Eat…and stay active.

Try a cheese curd, fill up on frozen custard, and then join our university president, Dr. Lovell, for a run.

— Marquette Admissions, Marquette graduates

Originally published at marquetteadmissions.tumblr.com.

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