Why Marquette?

Because today [note: originally published December 1, 2015] is the postmark deadline for our application for admission we thought it would be appropriate to start considering “WHY MARQUETTE?” It’s time to start making decisions! Sophomore Annie Detweiler shares with us why she chose Marquette.

When people ask me why I chose Marquette, I always struggle to come up with an answer. Not because I don’t have one, but rather, because I have so many. I remember sitting in the office of my high school counselor at the beginning of my senior year. I was already anxious for college, even though I had no idea where I wanted to go. I had previously gone on five college visits, but I just couldn’t narrow it down. I asked my counselor for any words of wisdom he could give me as I began my college selection process. He could have easily gone on and on about what and what not to look for in a school, but instead, all he said to me was, “When you know, you just know. That’s all I can say. You’ll get this indescribable feeling as soon as you step on the campus.” And that’s when I thought back to Marquette. As I stepped onto the campus for my visit the July before my senior year, I got an overwhelming feeling in my stomach. It was a feeling of pure excitement, an eagerness to begin. It was that exact feeling my high school counselor described to me in his office that day as the very moment of falling in love with a college.

One of the biggest reasons I’m at Marquette is because of the Physical Therapy program. I so fortunately got accepted into the Direct Admit DPT program, and I think it’s an incredible thing that Marquette has so many programs that are highly ranked because it shows that education is the number one priority here.

Also, the location of Marquette’s campus is wonderful. It’s not too far from the lake, and downtown Milwaukee is one of my favorite places. There is so much to do here, and on top of that, a LOT of good food. Milwaukee has a lot to offer, so take some time to explore.

Community service is something that most schools put an emphasis on. Marquette was no different with their “Be the difference” motto. However, here, it didn’t just seem like a ploy to get you to come here. There was genuineness behind the words. They told me about one of the most well known student run organizations on campus, MARDI GRAS, where they go down to New Orleans and help out around the community, and I will be going on my second trip over winter break. The students on this campus are so truly driven. They want to make a difference in the world, and they won’t stop until they do. Obviously, there are many ways to get involved in the community in Milwaukee as well, and Marquette makes sure to get you involved in anyway that you can and want to.

Every time I came back on campus, people kept emphasizing the fact that the classes are small enough that the professors will know your name, followed by telling me how good it felt to be recognized on campus, and to be a name rather than a number. The faculty at Marquette truly cares about the wellbeing of every student and they do whatever they can to help you succeed. This could be rare at bigger schools, simply because there are so many students in a class. I’ve found, though, that even the professors of the bigger lectures I’ve been in will hold office hours or respond to emails in a timely manner to give you an extra boost when you need it.

Finally, one of my favorite things about this school is how much pride the students have just because they’re here. Marquette is such an incredible university, and everyone that goes here knows it. We’re proud to say we’re golden eagles. We go to basketball games and we stand up and clap along with our “We are Marquette” chant with honor behind the words. Since coming here, Marquette has been my home, and I don’t think I will ever be able to come up with a perfect response as to why I chose to come here besides the fact that I simply just knew.

Originally published at marquetteadmissions.tumblr.com.

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