Go fly a kite! Fun and free things to do in Milwaukee this summer, 2016 edition

With the dog days of summer in full swing, you may be itching to take flight and find some fresh things to do or just find a place to stay cool! Well, as always MUMoney Matters has got your back with our 2016 edition of fun and free things to do in Milwaukee.

1. Go to the Swing Park.

Located at 1737 N Water St, the Swing Park is an urban revitalization project with a fun twist. And you know what they say: If you liked it, then you should have put a swing on it. For more info on this swinging spot, go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tire-Swing-Park/552418584820038.


2. Literally, go fly a kite…no, really.

There isn’t much use for the infamous Milwaukee wind off of the lake, unless you have a kite and can fly that sucker in Veterans Park. For more high flying information see: http://county.milwaukee.gov/ParksandPublicInfras7720/The-Lakefront.htm.


3. Meander through the Domes.

Take a stroll through the Domes (located at 524 S. Layton Blvd) and experience desert and tropical climates alike. It’s free on Mondays from 9:00 am until Noon! For your meandering pleasure please see: http://county.milwaukee.gov/MilwCoFreeDays and http://county.milwaukee.gov/MitchellParkConserva10116.htm.

(http://giphy.com/gifs/desert-1MzKjWBamP58Q )

It’s more fun than this, I promise. And it’s an endangered Milwaukee landmark, so get to trekking!

4. Don’t forget about Marquette University’s own Haggerty Art Museum.

The Haggerty is free to all (free parking too) and contains not only an impressive permanent collection but also thought-provoking exhibits. And don’t forget about the air-conditioning ;) For cutting edge art and did I mention air conditioning…take a gander at: http://www.marquette.edu/haggerty/.


5. Get some fresh produce at a fresh farmers market.

So fresh and so clean, clean! Your body will thank you after your steady summer festival diet of PBR and many varied incarnations of meat on a stick. The detailed schedules and locations of Milwaukee’s plethora of farmers markets can be found here: http://milwaukee.about.com/od/sportsrecreationhealth/qt/FarmersMarkets.htm


Even Andre’ 3000 approves!

There are some great things to do in Milwaukee, especially when it warms up in the summer months! So buckle up, sit tight, and enjoy the ride! It’s guaranteed to be a fun one! Just think, you could be lucky enough to spot Milwaukee’s own famous Milverine…


Yes, the Milverine is really a thing in Milwaukee, I couldn’t make stuff like this up. Welcome to the MKE!

Coauthored By: Tess Bridges and Tamara Tyrrell

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