Student Organization Dues got you down?

If you are a student at Marquette University and a part of a club or organization that requires money (dues), than you need to listen to this. There are over 300 Marquette clubs on campus and whether you are in Greek Life or on a club sports team, dues are expensive, and at many times, stressful to pay. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare for the challenge of paying dues in a time when we all seem to be short of one thing: money.

Find an On-Campus Job: Having that extra cash in your wallet will help you immensely when it comes to paying your dues. Marquette’s campus is always looking for students to work, and they are willing to work around your class schedule.

A great place to start would be at:

Don’t forget to sign up for direct deposit, which is an easy way that Marquette let’s your paycheck go directly into your bank account. To sign up for this you must know your bank account number and insert it on Checkmarq, it’s that simple!

Learn How to Save Your Money: As college students, we tend to spend a lot of our money on things that are not entirely necessary. For example, if you refrain from going out to eat or buying that nice new jacket or shoes, you will have more money to spend on necessary items, such as your dues. Also, get in the habit of putting some of your money into a savings account. By doing this, you will be less tempted to spend the money you have, in doing so, you will create a good habit that will be helpful whether you need to save for your dues or (in the future) planning for your retirement.

Communicate with your Club: It is important to talk with your club president or treasurer if you are in a tight spot with money. Communication will make it easier on both parties because that way you could possibly set up a payment plan. Personally, I have to pay dues for Men’s Club Volleyball and the Sigma Chi Fraternity, neither of which are cheap. However, through communication, I was able to spread out the costs of being a part of these organizations and now I am able to pay for my dues a little at a time.

Being involved in organizations is a big part of what Marquette University is all about. Getting a job, learning how to save your money, and communicating with organization leaders are a few ways you can make paying for dues a little easier and make your Marquette experience more enjoyable. Don’t let money get in the way of being able to be a part of the clubs you want to join at Marquette.

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